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How Massage Therapy Can Improve Heart Health

February is Heart Health month, putting an important spotlight on one of the leading causes of death in men, women and most racial and ethnic groups in the United States according to the CDC. But it’s important to take measures to maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system throughout the year.

Many people are aware of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle to protect their heart health, but did you know that Massage Therapy can also play an important role? Massage therapy helps reduce internal and external stress on your body as well as alleviate anxiety and help to lower blood pressure. In fact, there are formal techniques that therapists can use to maintain and improve heart health. At Boca Beauty Academy, we teach the importance of our techniques for mind and body health, so that as a massage therapist, you can play an instrumental role in the health of your clients.

Cupping therapy is highly effective in tandem with massage for increasing circulation while reducing muscle strain which can influence blood flow, blood pressure, stress and anxiety.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Heart Health

It’s called therapy for a reason. Studies have shown that massage can increase blood flow, oxygen, nutrients and red blood cells; as well reduces your heart rate and lowers blood pressure. A therapeutic massage also helps increase endorphins which gives a healthy boost to your cardiovascular system. In addition to helping lower your risk of developing certain heart diseases, massages can improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. This helps to flush out toxins and other waste materials from your system, allowing the cardiovascular system to work more efficiently. Massage not only relaxes muscles but can also help improve the function of the entire cardiovascular system, as well as boosting overall heart health and well-being.

The residual benefits of maintaining good heart health and eliminating stress from your body (and mind) include improved energy levels, better concentration and focus, better sleep and mood, increased mobility and the ability to engage in activities like sports, fitness or even everyday walking and recreation. And let’s not forget the anti aging benefits from optimal heart health that benefit intimacy and quality of life.

Massage techniques for heart health

At Boca Beauty Academy, our students are always up-to-date on all the trends of their trade, and we teach them multiple techniques to keep their patients comfortable. Massage techniques such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy are all beneficial for the cardiovascular system. By promoting relaxation, reducing stress and releasing muscle tension, these techniques can help improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and even boost mood. Additionally, some massage techniques can help reduce the risk of heart disease. For example, deep tissue massage specifically targets areas that are prone to stress and tension, breaking down knots and adhesions in muscles which can lead to improved blood flow and better heart health. Trigger point therapy is also beneficial for the cardiovascular system as it helps break up any blocked energy pathways that can lead to heart problems. Regular massage therapy sessions can help keep the cardiovascular system healthy and functioning optimally.

Do’s & Don’ts for Massage Therapy for Heart Health

A massage can be an effective tool in promoting heart health, but there are certain do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

– Focus on the neck, shoulders, arms, feet and legs. These areas are generally easier to reach and have a more direct effect on circulation.
– Use moderate pressure and strokes. Too light of a touch may be ineffective, while too much pressure might make the person uncomfortable or even cause pain.
– Massage gently near the rib cage and abdomen. These areas are sensitive and should not be subjected to too much force.

– Apply too much pressure to the chest and back. These areas can be delicate, so it’s important to not put too much strain on them.
– Massage directly over the heart or arteries. Doing so might cause an uncomfortable sensation and should be avoided.
– Use deep kneading techniques around the neck and shoulder area, as this may cause stress on the heart. Instead, use wide sweeping strokes and gentle tapping motions.

Massage Therapy has been practiced for centuries for relaxation as well as its positive impacts on your internal and external health. Boca Beauty Academy students learn time honored practices as well as the newest techniques and methods to make a positive impact on their clients overall mind and body wellness. The campuses’ onsite spa presents the perfect real world setting to practice their skills. To learn more about the programs available at Boca Beauty Academy or to make an appointment in our campus spa, visit or call 561-487-1191 for a tour.