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Into the Future of Beauty: A Summary of Industry Trends from 2022 and Projected Trends for 2023

As we say goodbye to one beautiful year, we welcome the next one with open arms, as well as hands that are ready to work their magic and make others feel fantastic about themselves. 2022 brought many beauty trends that enhanced our courses and student knowledge at Boca Beauty Academy, and 2023 promises to usher in a whole new wave of trends to benefit our students and their future clients. Let’s take a closer look at how health and beauty trends have amplified what we are learning and implementing in the classroom.

2022 in Review

Hair that’s out there

Hair that reached new heights saw an uptick in popularity this year, as high puff hairstyle searches have grown 165% from October 2019 per Pinterest. A renewed interest in natural hair texture is behind the growing interest, with short natural hairstyles, natural hair bun styles, and two puffs natural hair hairstyles leading the trending pack. Studies also show that fashionistas were looking to rebel this year, with “hard-to-miss hair” styles like octopus hair, mullets and bob cut wigs seeing the light of day again. Shaved head dye designs and short hair mohawks were hot in action and definitely made a big statement this year. Our Master Hair Design program allows our students to get practice in a real salon, so they can get the experience and sense of what’s trending at that exact moment.

Totally nailing it

It seems that nail art has taken to a new high each year, and 2022 was no exception. Individual expression of beauty is not a new trend, but it is reaching new heights in the nail area. Landscape-style designs and galaxy nail art adorned many a digit this year, with ocean, desert, and Aurora-themed nails also rising in popularity. Social media has helped fuel the phenomenon, with nail art images and videos that seemingly get more and more unique. It has never been a more exciting or profitable time to be a nail artist, and Boca Beauty Academy’s Nail Technician program takes you through all the essentials you need to nail for the profession.

Making room for the men

Each year, the male beauty industry intensifies, and in 2022 we saw a massive expansion in the range of products and services for men. With everything from manicures to home grooming, this industry is expected to reach $277 billion by 2030. Icons like Harry Styles helped to make male nail polish and cosmetics a norm for men, and with the number of male beauty influencers and brand ambassadors on the rise, not only are gender norms being challenged but a whole new market opportunity is being created for our students to excel at. We have definitely seen a rise in enrollment for our Barbering program, aimed specifically at the male beauty experience.

Skincare is queen

Rather than just hide blemishes and imperfections, this year we were determined to fix them at their root cause. With many working from home and finding less of a need for makeup, our focus was pivoted to excellent skin care. YouTube saw a rise in skincare tutorials over cosmetic videos, and we are even seeing an emergence of hybrid products that combine makeup properties with skincare ingredients.

What’s to Come in 2023

Beauty & tech, the new “it” couple

One thing that never goes out of style for consumers and clients is value. As they look to make the most out of their dollar, we are seeing an increase in money being put toward beauty technology. Technical advancements such as 3D printing, gene editing, and wearable devices are taking center stage as their efficiency and potency help to develop new products and processes.

Putting the care in self-care

2020 rang in a rough couple of years for most of us, so it’s no wonder that self-care routines are at an all-time high. While the treatments themselves are important, it’s also the value of connecting and community that will make self-care at the forefront of beauty regimens. Helping others is at the forefront of wellness this coming year, with new ways to help all of us feel and live better. This means more holistic practices as well as treatments for habits that support beauty such as sleep and circulation.

Getting digitally gorgeous

As we step into the future, consumers are looking for the next generation of experience, which entails a merger of online and offline formats – everything from digital avatars to the incorporation of the metaverse to virtual reality, which will go from being a very unique experience to just the regular norm. “Phygital” (physical + digital) experiences will lead us to a new way of connecting with clients.

It’s truly a blossoming time to be a part of the beauty industry, as new trends bring endless possibilities. Does that sound like a dream come true to you? Come visit us to see all that is waiting for you in the world of beauty.

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