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Manicures How to Make Them Last

Woman receiving a manicure.

Are you one of those people who believe that nails complete your look, like a period at the end of a sentence? Well, you are likely a regular visitor to a local nail salon. Maintaining freshly manicured nails can be a challenge, especially if your daily routine includes activities that do a number on your digits.

To extend the life of your manicure, here are a few tips from fellow fans of the perfectly polished.

  1. Forego the soak – Contrary to what you may think, pre-soaking your nails in water is a not always the best option. During a soak the nail beds expand, they shrink back to their normal state when they dry. This process may take a longer than the time needed to apply the first coat of polish. Use a cuticle softener instead.
  2. Prep before polish – Clean your nails with a nail surface cleanse or 99% alcohol to get rid of any oils or particles that might keep your polish from adhering well. And apply a Ph balancing agent before applying your base coat to help polish last longer.
  3. Less is more, in layers – When you apply your color, do it in thin layers and wait a few minutes between applications. Be sure to cap your free edges with every coat. Try to use even strokes and keep them to a minimum to avoid streaking. Limit your polish to two coats.
  4. Top it off – Finish your polish application with a good topcoat to seal in your polish
  5. Avoid color chipping – Use cuticle oil on a daily basis. This will not only hydrate the skin around your nails but it also keep you nail flexible. If your polish does chip, don’t panic! Dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover and gently dab around the edges of the chip to even out the surface, apply a thin layer of base coat polish and a fresh top coat.
  6. Shield and protect – Try to avoid submerging your nails for long periods of time in water. Wear gloves while washing dishes and keep certain skincare products off your nails like sunscreen, which can cause lighter shade polish to discolor.

Keeping your nails looking fabulous just feels good and reminds us that even though life can’t be perfect, your nails can be!

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