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Caring For Your Beard

Man receiving barbering service to his beard.

The epic beard of decades past is making a comeback. The desire to stand out from the crowd has men of all ages and demographics proudly sporting beards of all shapes and sizes.  From the burly, free-spirited hipster beard to the neatly trimmed goatee, there is a loyal following for just about every style of beard out there.  Whatever your preference is, properly caring for your chosen beard is essential! Just as a hairstyle requires maintenance and attention to quality products, so does the beard.  A regular regimen is important and will optimize your beard’s feel and appearance.
The key to properly grooming your beard is to understand that you must give it the same TLC you would the hair on your head.

Step 1:  A clean beard is a happy beard! Shampoo your beard just as you would your scalp hair and use good quality shampoo, NOT bar soap.  Bar soap can dry out your beard and leave it wiry and coarse. But keeping your beard clean, especially in the early stages of growth can minimize itching from trapped skin cells and food that may get caught in your beard.

Step 2: A beard you can run your fingers through! Use a good conditioner to further enhance your beard’s suppleness.  If your beard is more coarse or wiry than most, consider applying beard oil or a leave-in conditioner for better results. Remember though, anything you put on your beard should also be safe to put on your skin. Make sure your preferred products are not going to clog your pores or irritate your skin.

Step 3: Treat your beard to regular trims! Whether you are going for the full Duck Dynasty look or a more minimal style like the popular “Balbo” beard, trimming every few weeks will keep your beard healthy and eliminate split ends. (Yes. Your beard can have split ends.)

Step 4: Tool yourself up! Having the right tools to care for your beard is important. A good quality electric shaver is great for shaping beards that are close to the face. But for trimming and shaping a bulky or long beard, it is best to use a comb and scissors to avoid cutting off too much.

Let’s face it, the beard is back….in all its glory! And today’s man wants a barber that can help him showcase the epic beard of his dreams. Fortunately, the skilled art of professional barbering is in full swing and Boca Beauty Academy’s Barber School is helping students do just that. Are you interested in joining the ranks of successful Boca Barber School graduates? With hands-on training from experienced instructors in all the classic and latest barbering techniques, Boca is proudly delivering talented barbers into the profession. To learn more about Boca Beauty Academy’s Barber Program, contact us today at 954-866-1011 or complete our online contact form and we’ll contact you! Get started now on your future, one shave, and a haircut at a time!