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The Cosmetologist’s Secret Weapon

Fluid. Evolving. Challenging. Fun. There are many ways to describe the beauty industry, but it can best be summarized as creative. Although it’s
important to learn the basics and understand the rules of the trade, passion and innovation often come from breaking those rules.

As a cosmetologist, it’s important to appreciate the fundamentals in order to build
a solid foundation and working knowledge of the art. But don’t forget that’s what it is – an art. One that demands to be challenged, released,
reigned in, and stretched out. One of the most interesting aspects of the beauty world is witnessing the blend of old and new, past and present, simple and

Learning to connect the fundamentals with current trends is epitomizing the revitalization of cosmetology. To succeed in this industry, you must find a way
to stand out and let your talent shine. Mastering today’s fad is great, but you’re not the only one doing it. If you want the edge on your competition, you
need to combine your skills and smarts to stay ahead. There are trends and there are classics. What is it about the classic styles that give them staying
power? Why do the trends appeal to so many? Plucking the best attributes from then and now and morphing them into traditionally modern ‘dos is what will
keep your clients coming back.

Take the pompadour; a versatile and timeless look sported by the likes of Elvis and James Dean, its undeniable blend of rock star and rebel screams sexy
and laid back. Now, add the clean-cut look and low-maintenance appeal of a fade and you’ve got a classically contemporary style worn by hipsters and
A-listers alike.

Now it’s your turn. Creating cutting-edge styles and making bold statements are much easier when you know which rules to bend and when. That’s why it’s
also important to view your training as a vital (and ongoing) part of your career. Continuing education courses are an excellent way to keep your skills fresh and refined
while ensuring you remain as sharp as the curves in the industry.

At Boca Beauty Academy, our instructors stay current on the latest trends, technology, and techniques so
you can maintain your position at the top. Our advanced courses in Hair, Skin Care, and Make-up were developed for graduates and professionals who want to
continue moving forward. Working with limited availability? No problem. Our convenient full- and part-time schedules offer the flexibility to fit into your
busy life. And with classes starting monthly, it’s never too late to enroll.

Don’t become complacent in an industry that thrives on innovation. Excel in your field. Challenge yourself. Grow as an artist. Build on your skills. Ready
to get started? Call us at (561) 487-1191 (Boca Raton) or (954) 866-1011 (Parkland/Coral Springs) or apply online today.