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Trending Hair Styling Products

Woman having oil placed onto her hair.

The constant search for healthy, fabulous hair brings with it the constant search for the right tools to make it happen. Not to worry, hair fanatics! We’ve rounded up some of the hottest hair styling products out there to keep heads turning and your hair game strong.

1. Straightening Brush – Looking for sleek, straight hair but tired of the time flat irons take? This dual-purpose tool is the product for you! Choose a model that has ceramic plates for the most “frizz-free” experience.

2. Sea Salt Spray – Ready to channel your inner beach-babe? You can get those sun-soaked, beachy waves happening with just a little spritz of sea salt texturizing spray. And don’t worry about the salt robbing your hair of moisture. Most of these sprays include conditioner too.

3. Supplements – While this product is not strictly a hair-styling product, its purpose is to help your hair from the inside. And anything that is designed to promote healthier, more lustrous hair is worthy of a mention. To get the best results from a hair supplement, choose a high-quality version that includes plenty of biotin and folic acid.

4. Color-Depositing Shampoo and Conditioner – These sulfate-free products are the perfect solution for keeping colored hair fresh longer. Infused with color pigment that neutralizes brassiness or boosts your color, color-depositing products come in a variety of pigments for different hair colors. Use in place of your regular shampoo and conditioner once a week for the best results. Try a purple pigment for blonde hair and blue for brunette.

5. Hair Growth Oil – If you have thinning hair, we love the natural benefits of hair growth oil versus products with harsher chemicals. Hair growth oil stimulates the scalp and promotes growth by reducing inflammation. It also replenishes the hair’s natural oils that get stripped away from daily styling.

Keeping your crowning glory glorious is a lot easier with the right tools. Be sure to test out different brands to see which one works the best for your hair. And if your hair obsession is more than just a little serious, maybe you should consider a career in cosmetology! The beauty industry is growing at a rapid pace and talented cosmetologists are in high demand. If you’d like to learn more about a career that revolves around making other people look and feel great, check out the Cosmetology Program at Boca Beauty Academy. Boca is helping students get hands-on experience and the confidence they need to launch successful careers in the exciting world of beauty. Contact Boca Beauty Academy today for more information, or to schedule a tour of one of our campus locations.