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What is Sugaring and How Does it Work?


If you love the smooth, glorious feel of your skin after a fresh waxing, but simultaneously live in fear of the literally hair-raising pain it can bring, you’re going to love the latest trend in hair removal. We’re talking about the sweetest technique to hit skin-baring season in… well, maybe forever! It’s called sugaring and it’s not your grandma’s sugar cookies, kids. It’s a natural hair removal technique that is sweeping across legs, lips and bikini lines everywhere! Intrigued? Sweet! Keep reading while we explore the need-to-know facts of sugaring.

Sugaring 101

Instead of the hot wax and paper strips of traditional waxing, sugaring is a natural technique ßapplied by hand by an aesthetician. It is applied in a paste in the opposite direction the hair grows in and literally “flicked off” by hand, in the opposite direction.

What is the sugaring mixture made from?

Sugar, lemon juice, and water are the only ingredients in the paste, making it a great option for sensitive skin.

Why is it better than waxing?

For one thing, the paste doesn’t stick to the skin — it sticks to the hair — and only pulls the hair out by the root. And unlike hot wax, it is applied at room temperature and won’t burn your skin. Most sugaring fans say it is considerably less painful than waxing and results in the hair growing in slower and softer.

Can I use sugaring everywhere?

Yes. Because the ingredients are all-natural and ideal for sensitive skin, it’s safe to use pretty much anywhere you want to remove unwanted hair. Aestheticians recommend treating your skin gently right after sugaring by avoiding sweating, overly-hot water, and exfoliating for a few days.

If life gives you lemons (and water and sugar), don’t make lemonade – instead get beautifully smooth skin by trying out a technique that’s been practiced for centuries in countries around the world. Are you a fan of all-things skincare? Maybe you should consider a career in the booming beauty and wellness industry! You can start by checking out the programs at Boca Beauty Academy. Boca is helping students get the hands-on training and skills they need to launch exciting careers as licensed aestheticians. Boca’s Skin Care curriculum even includes a segment on sugaring and students actually make their own product! For more information, or to schedule a tour of our campus, call Boca Beauty Academy today.